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Welcome to Player Hall

Accountants and Financial Planners in Umina Beach NSW

From the moment you park your car out the front of our office, you will see why we are the Accountants and Wealth Advisors to see on the peninsula of NSW and on the Central Coast. Our bright green signage with two giant babies bottoms, and the slogan “We look after your bottom line” indicating that we are not your typical financial services firm.

Green is generous, kind and loyal with a high moral sense

Green gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally

Green is self-reliance, reliability and dependability

Green gives growth and vitality, renewal and restoration

Green is practical and down to earth

Green sees both sides of the equation

Green relates to balance and harmony of the mind, the body and the emotions

Green is the natural peacemaker

Green is sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing

Green is adaptable and flexible

Green inspires hope and a generosity of spirit

Green encourages generosity, kindness and sympathy

Green is friendly and can keep confidences

Green is being tactful, emotionally balanced and calm

Green relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity

Green is the colour that has a strong sense of right or wrong, inviting good judgment

Green is the colour of prosperity and abundance, of finance and material

Green is a colour of growth and vitality, associated with new life and renewal

Green assists in decision making by helping us to see all sides clearly

Why Player Hall?

We are passionate about you, your business, your financial success and freedom. We are the firm that really cares; we will hold your hand until you feel comfortable to walk alone, and be there to catch you if you fall. We treat our clients as though they are family, their successes and/or failures we take on as our own. We are all incredibly proud to be a part of the Player Hall team, and we pride ourselves on the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that we have created.

Our office is our "safe place". Upon entering our office you will be welcomed as though you are entering our home. With a near zero staff turnover rate, Tracey with us 15 years, and Kristy 8, it is evident that both Kerrie and Leah aren’t your stereotypical bosses. Kerrie and Leah, you will generally hear them from their offices before you see them; they are not the quietest accountants you will ever meet!

We are different! It doesn’t matter who enters our office, whether its clients, software trainers, external officials, even auditors we are always left with the same comment “You ladies are definitely not your typical accountants/financial planners are you?”. Our answer: "HELL NO!".

We are the green team! Well, some might say we have a little bit of an addiction when it comes to the colour green, while our offices and stationary are splashed with green, our staff are covered in green! From Shirts, to Blazers, scarves and handbags, the Player Hall girls otherwise known as "green girls" of West Street wear our colour with pride.

Come and see for yourself!

Take a look at the services we provide in both the Accounting and Financial Planning industries. From general book keeping to complex taxation, personal insurances to SMSFs, we really are your one stop financial services shop!

Check out our bios, get a feel for who we are before you even walk into our office, or give us a call for an obligation free appointment to meet our amazing team.

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The team at Player Hall

Our Supernerds

(L to R) Tracey McLennan and Kristy Leon.

Kathryn, Kate, Leah Hall, Kerrie Player, Jessica Vidler and Tracey Steel.

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Player Hall has been established since October 2005. Originating as K & J Player and Associates who operated from Umina for 15 years, and Hobson Hall Accounting which was established in 2004.

Kerrie Player and Leah Hall decided to join forces and have created a very dynamic, proactive team that has proven to be very successful within our own office and in assisting our current client base. With over 50 years experience between the two partners we are perfectly placed to assist you in starting your business or building it to the next level.

After meeting with our team and experiencing accountants 'with a difference' you will see that we are there to assist our clients every step of the way.

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